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Say HELLO to the newest cafe at Syahdan, Jakara barat! Really starstruck to see this place at Jakarta barat, is not really near my place but it's great to have a good place to hangout at Jak-bar! But i want to share a story with you guys.

I have never been to this area before so this whole new place is really new for me. I use waze to get there and waze bring me to the most irrelevant street in my entire driving life. It's only 1 way car to go and out. Until the climax, my rear view mirror "kiss" another rear view mirror. UUGGHHH and i have to search this place back and forth because there's no sign about this place. There's no parking for car and i'm really confuse to where to park. Until i park my car at binus syahdan and i walk to this place. LOL, blame it to the place! But i think it's worth to go to this place because it's really cozy and they have a reasonable price for a good food! yay! 

It is indeed the best place to hang out and chill with your friend. See the space that they give table to another table? It's really spacious and it feels like you have your own spot!


I really love the ambience here, and the decoration. It's simple and nice without having too much power to impress people to go here. So, yes, it's really worth it to go all the way from my place to here! (and remembering about what happen at the street, lol)

Triple Decker Nutella with Oreo: IDR 35k
It's indeed a good light snack food for chit chat with your friends. and oreo makes everything better, isn't it? I kinda tought that the nutella is inside and the oreo would be like topping, but it's in reverse. Its good but it would be nice to have more nutella to spread all over the toast. But its a perfect duo killer!

BBQ Chicken Popcorn - IDR 35k
Another light snack food! It's good but i don't like the spicy in this chicken popcorn; it's kinda weird. When you eat it, it will stuck at the ceilling of your mouth because of the BBQ sauce. But just give it a try, maybe they serve better next.

Fish and Chips - IDR 35k
It's really nice to have fish and chips for lunch, it's crunchy outside and soft inside! They serve it with fries and have optional sauce to dip in, they have onion mayo and chilli sauce. My recommendation! 

Chicken Maryland - IDR 50k
I love the chicken portion! It's pretty huge and have the reasonable price for this food, i think i might say this is cheap, considering the fancy place will cost you around above 90k above. The chicken consistency is good and easy to cut, not rubbery! You will get 3 sauce option for this chicken, first is Original, BBQ and Hot, Spicy. My another recommendation.

Melted Cheese Double Burger- IDR 48k
First impression: Huge, Yummy, Tasty, Generous. It all combines in one! The burger serve with fries and it's really spectacular, You'll have a Fried egg, Beef Patty, Cheese, Cucumber and sauce, and REPEAT! Really nice, usually you will get the burn sensation because of the patty fryer, but this doesn't have it, really nice and perfect for day! It's pretty big so i think you want to share with your friends if you can eat it alone. My recommendatio! Geez, i dont have

Oreo Affogato - IDR 30k
Anyone a fans of coffee and ice cream? if yes, here's for you! a really perfect combination, how to eat? just pour down the coffee and enjoy!

Virgin Mojito - IDR 25k
It's a sunny day and it's really nice to have something to cool down my throat. From the appearance; yes it's a mojito, but the taste? Not screaming mojito enough for me. I think the ice really dominate the mojito and the mojito flavor is gone. But it's still indeed nice.

Strawberry Mojito - IDR 25k
Something happen with this mojito as well, it's just bland and don't have that mojito enough for me. But it's not that bad i guess.

I pretty enjoyed i went to here yesterday, it's really a good place. I can be here for a longest hour i can imagine. But back again, it's really hard to find a good parking place around here, minus point. Lucky you if you're live near this place or you're a binus syahdan student. For me? Maybe next time. Hoping that they have another branch that have a good parking spot!

The Cortado
Jln. KH Syahdan no. 36 (Second floor)(Beside Kantor Pos)
Palmerah - West Jakarta
Open from: 11.00 a.m - 01.00 a.m
Price for two person: 150k

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