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Nowadays, when i try to find a pizza, i will have another same boring routine pizza that i will usually order. So boring, i mean they do sell their quality that they put in their pizza, but i think (especially me) i will get bored the hell out to eat the same pizza. It's such an excitement to know that there's a place that serve best pizza in town! This is quiet new since they just run their store about 2 weeks called Pizzeria Cavalese at Ruko Danau Sunter. Little background about Pizzeria Cavalese, people may think that this is a franchise that came all the way from italy to here. I want to say, No, it's not. It's purely an indonesian restaurant that serves authentic italian food with still a local taste. Word Cavalese took from a town located in North Italian province, Trentino Aldo Adige. Word Pizzeria came from, well you know, because they sell a pizza, so it's pizzeria.

When i read the location, it's located at a shophouse. What i think is "Well, here it is another decent pizza place" But, it's totally change when i came open the door. It's really well decorated, have a cozy ambience feeling, i can see myself chilling more often at this place.

They have a second floor and third floor. The third floor is for a private event like meeting, birthday dinner or party, and etc, it can held up to 30 people (i think) Sorry i dont have a picture of the third floor, but here it is the second floor.

Outdoor space for smoking
By the way, did i mention that they use the best oven pizza in the world? It's just in order to serve the best pizza for their customer!

They not only sell pizza, but they sell pasta and other desserts too that based on pizza. Let's go on to what i eat at this place!

(Creamy champignon mushroom soup made with tender loving care sered with crouton)
It's said that this is a recommended soup, so why don't i give it a try. Turns out, it's indeed great. I love how i still can feel the mushroom texture in my mouth, because in other places, i can't really feel the texture of the mushroom, but this one is really good!

(Flat pizza bread topped with garlic oil, sesame seeds and mozzarella)
I've never experience Garlic Pizza before so this is fairly new to me. Taste wise, its really good cause i like Garlic. But, i think this is too salty for my mouth. But somehow, i really like the pizza texture, there's no doubt about it!

CALDA !!!: IDR 55k
(Spaghetti Tuna with spicy Matah sauce)
As i write this, i can't hold my watery mouth by just looking at this spaghetti. It's super good, i can't even. I love the level of spiciness, because sometimes when you eat something that too spicy, you can enjoy it anymore and all you do is breath dragon. But this one is DA BOMB! Recommended. In fact, the twist of spaghetti and sambal matah is really genius!

(North italian special served with baked Chicken topped with creamy mushroom sauce)
So, i this is really a new type of pasta that i've ever eat in my whole life..and... i didn't really like it that much. I think it's just because really new to my mouth and there's no much sauce to cover the pasta. But the chicken is really tender, love the crunchiness, and the mushroom sauce is no doubt. But this is a pass for me. But, my sister do enjoy this and no comment about this. Different tongue different taste, maybe you guys should experience it first since the owner said this is their best selling dish. Or, maybe i'm just weird, lol!

(Pesto based pizza with prawns and chillies)
They basically have three different options of your pizza choice, First is Pizza Vegan, Second is Pizza Protein, and the Third is Seafood Pizza. I choose the Seafood pizza because i simply love seafood and why i choose this pizza cause i love pesto sauce, it's my fave sauce ever. If usually i will have a pasta with pesto sauce, now i have a pizza with pesto sauce and a seafood! A great combination. Again, no doubt about the pizza bread cause it's really good texture and the pesto sauce is really great! Thumbs up for this, i really enjoy it!

(Warmly baked brownies topped with peanut butter, marshmallow and a scoopy of vanilla ice cream)
At a first glance when i (or you) look at the menu and see this name, it'll be just "Yup, another decent brownies". But when i eat it, it's indeed good! Soft texture, not too sweet, it's great combo with the peanut butter and the marshmallow, eat it in one bite and it'll take you to cloud nine!

(Guava juice, lychee fruit, melon fruit and vanilla ice cream)
It may looks a little bit 'crowded' as you see the what's inside. But this is really refreshing, so much twist in this mocktail.

(Melon fruit, orange fruit, lychee fruit, milk, yoghurt)

Overall for the price wise, it's really affordable to have an authentic italian food that everyone can eat! I know it's not the best location but this is worth to go and try their foods! Tastewise, there's no doubt that they serve best pizza in town!

Pizzeria Cavalese
Ruko Green Lake Sunter - Jakarta Utara
Jl. Danau Sunter Selatan, Tipe S.A blok SW Nomor R
Call at: (021) 2669 0133
Price for two: IDR 300k
Open from: 11 a.m - 10 p.m (until 11 p.m on weekend)

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