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It's been a while since senopati has a new place, especially in fine dining theme. But recently, a new fine dining place just open called Sofia at The Gunawarman. I don't know whether it's called Sofia or The Gunawarman since the board only says 'The Gunawarman'. But whatever it is, this place is really gorgeous!

In the front, you will get the european big building sense. Big wall and high pillars. And also big windows. It's definitely not like in senopati area.

In the inside, they have a bar and a seated place. The seated only for coffee with a coffee table.

The place is so much fine dining i get intimidated on the first sight. This place definitely so comfy and so gorg! The place is not that big but its average. It can hold up to i guess 200 people. 

The thing is with this place is you really need to secure your place if you want to go here. I arrive at this place around 11 a.m and all the 'seated' got booked. So we only can seated at the Lounge place. And the waitress says we can only order starters or dessert. Okay, first of all we all hungry and wanted something to eat. Second of all, the lounge is not that small for we to have main course. But we all order main course anyway so we can eat, lol.

Egg Slut: IDR 90k
Homemade Chicken Sausage Patty, Scrambled Egg, Smoked Cheddar, Honey Butter, Fries
The burger for me is pretty okay. I love the juicy patty and it's super stuffed. But, i can't really feel the egg because i think it's already blended with the cheese and the honey butter. But i do feel the honey butter, and i love it!

Mozzarella, Taleggio, Gorgonzola, Parmigiano Reggiano, Forest Honey
Yes this one is one of my recommended! I love all the cheese. I know it's pretty decent for pizza with cheese, but there's something about this pizza. They're really generous with the cheese. And for the pizza, it's not thin but it's pretty stuffed.

Chicken In The Basket: IDR 100k
Buttermilk Chicken Wings, Chicken Tenders, Tartar
If you want a light snack, this one can be a good choice for you. It's pretty big portion for sharing. The chicken is so tender and crispy. It's well marinated too!

I super duper love this place, this place has an classy and good ambience around. For price, it's sure cost a fortune but it's not that expensive like what i tought. For foodwise, it's good but not that wow-ed me. I do have some issue with the waitress. The male waitress is really nice and super helpful. However the female waitress is kind of like confuse when we ask about something like asking for tissue or sauce.

There's this one female waitress, i'm not sure that she's a waitress or a supervisor since the uniform is different with others. So let me tell you a story! I wanted to take a pict of the ambience to share with all of you guys so you can get the bigger picture of this place. When i want to took the picture of this table set, the waitress suddenly change all of it like she want to re-organize it. I ask politely to take a picture first before it become messy. And her answer is : "Foto disana aja mas". I kinda shock and confuse. So i just awkwardly turn to take at the other place. Turns out there's old guy who wait for the table so he can sit at this place that i want to take the pict of the table. I understand if she want to hurry so the older guy who wait for the table can sit a.s.a.p. But i think she can be more polite to ask me or explain about it. Call me anything or i'm being over dramatic but seriously, learn some manner and explain bluntly to the customer. It's just makes me feel like i'm a stupid person and i don't feel great towards the old guy who wait for the table. It's a waste that you get a great place, great food, but a bad service. Hope they can fix it soon! But beside that, i want to come back to this place anytime soon!

Sofia at The Gunawarman
Senopati - Jakarta Selatan
Jl. Gunawarman No. 3
Call number: (021) 2277 - 000 - 7
Open from: 11 a.m - 11 p.m
Price for two: IDR 400k

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  1. The ambiance is very attractive and inviting, and the food looks delicious! :)

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