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For someone who know PIK area, they're mostly dominated with dessert and hangout place but not muchly like this place have. Warung Mevvah is the newcomers of PIK area. Obvious they're selling Ropang and Indomie stuff but with a touch of modern and unique style of theirs. And by their name too, this place have a sense like you're not eating this at Warung becasue the interior is just amaze me. Mevvah is like Mewah but the slank of it, so they want to make something unusual, like a goodplace or fancy place.

Warung Mevvah located at PIK, Precisely beside Smokey Ribs at PIK. Use your waze and you'll be fine!

For the inside, they dominated with black and white stuff, and also wood table and chair. I could stay long here and chatting with my friend with comfort, of course! People might know that i'm such a weak for black and white interior so i find this place is really great place to hang out! So much excess of light from the outside, so if you can't stand a hot weather like me, i recommend you to sit a bit on the inside.

As this post written, they have not put the price tag on it. So i don't know the cost of each food. At the same time, they have this "Pay As You Like" promo. Eat whatever you want and pay like what you want! You don't have to worry about the price! The promo started from 8 - 15 May from 15.00 - 24.00. Yes, this is only one week promo. Next to the review!

Ropang Mevvah; Taro, Skippy Nutella, Matcha
Yup, i found it this ropang is just another usual ropang that you would find at other place and you definitely can make it by yourself. But i can't deny that i love the crunchy texture that they give with this ropang. I have one issue, by a glance, i definitely can see that the nutella is not nutella, it's ovomaltine. But the waitress insist that it is a nutella. I ate it and yup i was right, it's ovo. To be honest, i'm not mad at all. But what if you're telling other people wrong stuff? That's such a bummer. But who can't resist ovomaltine? The problem is, there's no ovomaltine on the menu. It's still a mistery.

Ropang Mevvah Bolognaise
Okay i admit i can make this one at home and this is so good! I love the meat that so well marinated and well made. Moreover the cheese make it complete! But i would love to have a bigger portion of this or 2 stack of bread. More of that, no complain from me!

Indomie Sambal Matah
I always love any food that have sambal matah in it. Like once i've tried pasta with sambal matah and it's work it's so damn good! So i have a high expectation about this Indomie, And when it came, it's already soggy and a little bit cold. It's obvious the indomie has been overcook. The sambal matah didn't surprise me at all, i find it just okay.

Indomie Kuah Mevvah
I ask the waitress what's inside of it, they say they have special seasoning. So i trust them and hope to taste good. I added Telor Ayam, Sosis, Kornet to make it even good! When it came, it's super crowded with all the toppings. It taste like tom yum a little bit, and i like it. But it's not wow-ing me. It's not beyond my expectation but this is okay.

Indomie Ramadhan
"Opor Ayam + Ketupat Indomie"
I find it this is muchly taste like Kari Ayam Indomie flavor with an Opor Ayam in it. I already thinking about the real taste of opor ayam but they didn't gave me that thing.

I love indomie, it's everyone favorite! But when i tried all of this, it's just usual and i lost my appetite. Some of them already soggy due to overcook, some of them just did not beyond my expectation. To be "The Best Indomie In Town" this place definitely need to step their game up. Maybe some indomie of them did really a good job, but others is just another disappointment. I will update the price of each food! Thank you for reading :)

Warung Mevvah
PIK - Jakarta Utara
Ruko Crown Golf Blok B 12
Open from: TBA
Price for two: TBA

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