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First of all, i'm mad at myself because i've never been to this place before. Even when the first time they open their cafe at PIK (which is near to my house) yet i've never been to this place too. Such a miss! Then they move to senopati which is quite hype area to strolling around.

This is not a new cafe since Blue fox already been around senopati for 2 years something. YET i've never been to this place, instead i'm going to another place around senopati that only serve you BRAND not FOOD. For the parking itself, they provide valet, so don't worry for not getting any park!

When i go to this place, the first floor is under maintenance because they're renovating and they're going make the first floor more cooler. I've seen the first floor, and yes; it more cooler and edgy! Not taking any picture of the first floor since it's not ready yet, so i went direct to the second floor. 

The second floor dominate with wood, black and white wall and another wood ornaments. Which is kinda remind me of bar around bali. Love it! They have bar too which is really great since the theme of this place is for lounge/bar something. 

I really love the glass ceiling they put on the other side, its both perfect for day and night. But beware on the day; it might get really hot if you sit there. But, on the other hand, i would love to sit there at night just to look at the star or something.

They do provide outdoor seat too, so if you're more outside seater, don't worry; they have a good place to sit! And it's covered all in glass ceiling too, so it will much cooler on the outside too. In fact, the owner are wanted to get more AC for the outside too!

They told us that they specialize in Pizza and Burger, but since only me and my dear good friend, Jesfrid Alfa we decided to go with the burger. We are really curious to find out how great their burger are!

Cheesy Melt: IDR 87k
(150g handmade beef patty w/frizzled Onions, macaroni & 3 cheese sauce)
They said that this is their best seller, and now i know why! The beef patty were REALLY generous, and the cheese sauce is to die for. I don't really like cheese, especially when i eat too much. But this one is really good i want to eat the whole thing!

Pulled Pork: IDR 85k (BBQ / SPICY / HONEY MUSTARD)
(Sheredded pulled Pork served w/creamy coleslaw)
I knew i made the BEST DECISION EVER to order this one. I really love pork! The owner said that the pork is marinated for 6-8 hours. No wonder taste really amazing. It's so juicy yet so tender. Because if it's not well cooked, the pork will be get ruberry or if you over cook, it will tear apart and not enjoy to be eat anymore. But this is one is really got me. And it's really genius to put salad over the pork, the flavor of salad and the pork is really well blend. 

The owner, Ms.Jamie, who originally came from America say that she miss her hometown food, so she bring this to jakarta. Great Ms. Jamie, i'm glad that you bring this all the way from america to indonesia. This is what i called ORIGINALITY! Recommended for pork lover like me!

This is only for (+18) it may contain alcohol! Little about this drink, Ms. Jamie get this idea from the previous owner. Ms.Jamie decision is really genius to bring this shot to blue fox. I've never find another drink like this before, it's really unique. 

The first layer is Rum Baileys, then the second layer is blue something i don't know (she said it's just syrup) and the third layer the alcohol, too bad i'm not asking what alcohol they put in there. 

How to make this embrio thing? You will get the syrup drop and just drop it one by one like usual. To make it more dramatize, they'll give you emergency light under the shot to give contrast of what the inside, really genius. I'm obsessed with this!

Price wise, it's not really expensive to really looking for the overall, it's really worth to try, especially the burger. The thing is, this place is really need to be more exposed. Maybe people judging from the outside (like i do) think that this is some bar place and the food will be casual and so so, instead, they really serve great quality food! Overall, i'll be back to try another delicious dish from Blue fox and i'll get that shot too!

Blue Fox
Senopati - Jakarta Selatan
Jl. Suryo No. 6
Open from: 11 a.m - 11 p.m (for friday and saturday they close at 1 a.m)
Price for two: IDR 400k

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